ARTichoke Festival 2015 Dream Team

  ARTichoke Festival 2015 wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful people who helped us! Meet Kristina, Josypa, Nika, Valentina and Matea – our dearest volunteers, with a shout out to Ema, who inspired two of our creative workshops. Thank you all so much for helping us making all of this possible!   Read more →


ARTichoke Festival 2015 – Poetry Reading and Official Closing

All good things come to an end eventually. This Saturday, 24th of October, starting at 19.00 in Ex-Kinoteka, we will have a literary night that will mark the official ending of ARTichoke Festival 2015. We won’t have specific readers, but everybody would take turns going up the stage and reading some of his own work or just a favorite piece… Read more →


Enjoy The Workshop Magic: Sportvizija Pole Dance

Special thanks to Sportvizija Dance School for providing us with the space and the instructors for this unique workshop. Let’s find out more! You all know what pole dancing is, right? Or…do you? Did you ever think about who got the idea in the first place and how? Where did it originate? What do people in pole dance classes do nowadays… Read more →